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Data and Targeting

CoupifyIQ gives advanced analytics of hyper-local to hyper-diverse demographic as well as deep analytics of hyper-local to hyper-diverse demographic decision-making style. CoupifyIQ tracks and analyzes multi-cultural redemption rates and volumes, multi-cultural distribution methods, hyper-local to hyper-diverse demographic buying rates, and aggregated hyper-local to hyper-diverse buyer demographics.

Media Influence

CoupifyIQ gives insight to trend-driven influencer content and social media marketing to help guide hyper-local to hyper-diverse demographic campaign directions. CoupifyIQ’s proprietary data and category trends help develop and create compelling influencer marketing campaigns, including new fashion trends, new destinations, creative new products uses and brand awareness to shoppers across paid social channels.

Revenue Data Received at Checkout

CoupifyIQ works with partners to measure hyper-local to hyper-diverse demographic statistical lifts in promotional recall, brand loyalty, and purchase intent. Coupify is able to identify exclusive multi-cultural point-of-sale data and target multi-cultural audience spending with a strategic data compiler from first-party redemption-intent data from Coupify.

Digital Promotions

Coupify’s social marketplace technology allows brands to design, publish and circulate promotional deals across all hyper-local to hyper-diverse demographic consumer touchpoints. CoupifyIQ gives retailers the ability to enrich their media strategies and leverage hyper-local to hyper-diverse demographic shoppers data to drive sales. This allows businesses to promote targeted and personalized offers to whoever, whenever.

Campaign Measurement

CoupifyIQ’s backend technology gives businesses near real-time visibility and transparency into their demographic campaigns. CoupifyIQ measures the reach and frequency of a hyper-local to hyper-diverse demographic campaign, and the demographics of the users who viewed the campaign. Businesses can quickly gain insights into consumers, leading to faster marketing decisions, increased efficiency, and ultimately, higher sales.