About Coupify



Coupify provides a leading social commerce advertising platform for small to medium businesses. Our objective is to provide a social commerce advertising platform for merchants to create an omni-channel advertising experience showcasing deals, promotions and coupons to help merchant’s brand and grow its business. Merchants can set up their brand’s page in minutes. By integrating multiple advertising channels into a single platform, we are also able to remove the complexities inherent in separate advertising systems.

Coupify’s network provides CoupifyIQ with proprietary and licensed data, including multi-cultural online behavior,  purchase intent, and retailers’ in-store point-of-sale (“POS”) multi-cultural shopper data, to target multi-cultural shoppers with the most relevant digital coupons and promotions. Merchants and partners can use CoupifyIQ to influence multi-cultural shoppers via digital channels, multi-cultural integrate marketing and multi-cultural merchandising programs, and leverage multi-cultural shopper data and insights to drive measurable multi-cultural sales results.