Connecting local businesses and consumers

Providing targeting marketing opportunities through the creation of mobile coupons.


Connecting with Small Businesses

Extensive Data & Analytics

Deep insight into local and global consumer spending and spending behavior patterns

Pay-Per-Redemption Cost & Merchant Setup

Customer acquisition and marketing campaigns with no up-front ad spending

Content that Drives Sales

Ability to expand digital media strategies with a targeted brand profile page


Engage Effectively

Coupify enables merchants to showcase their products and services in an inspiring and creative sharing environment. We believe that the sharing of coupons across omni-channel social platforms can significantly influence consumer interest and purchase decisions. In addition, our social marketplace technologies focus on optimizing our merchant distribution channels.


Solution Driven Content

Coupify’s social commerce marketing platform gives businesses the ability to build coupons that are more personalized, appealing, and engaging. Businesses are able to create authentic deals, promotions, and coupons that create a more enticing and meaningful experience which drives brand awareness, increase company sales and increases consumer visits.


Creative, Dynamic Placements

Coupify gives businesses access to drive digital initiatives with our social commerce marketing technology by allowing businesses to display product content with high-impact media placements, such as seasonal/promotional coupons, ads, video ads and a dedicated brand profile page. Coupify organizes and prioritizes deals and serves as a powerful social marketplace distribution tool.


The Shoppers Experience

Coupify’s social commerce marketing platform exhibits an in-depth understanding of the full shoppers experience, giving businesses the ability to anticipate consumers’ desires and create deals according their needs. SMB’s, Brands, Franchises and CPG’s are able to track and analyze redemption rates and volumes, distribution methods, buying rates, aggregated buyer demographics, and campaign effectiveness statistics.

Coupify Overview

Providing a leading social commerce marketing platform for small to medium businesses. We offer a social commerce marketing platform for merchants to create an omni-channel marketing experience showcasing deals, promotions and coupons to help their brands and grow their businesses.

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